"A few decades from now people will regard the schooling of today witrh revulsion,as astonishingly primitive, in the same way we deplore the eighteenth - century treatment of the mentally ill.
Our successors will not be able to understand how citizens dedicated to personal liberty and democracy could have placed learning on a compulsory basis, such that citizens had to report to certain buildings every working day of their youth in order to be bossed about by agents of the state" - The Universal Schoolhouse,  James Moffatt, 1994

Peace Room Services

  • Meditation
  • Tai Chi
  • Listening
  • Communication
  • Academic Tutoring
  • Creative Expression: singing, dancing, writing, art work, etc
  • Psychoacoustic Immersion
  • Yoga
  • Conflict Transformation
  • Life Skills
  • Discussion Groups
  • Biofeedback
  • Energy Balancing
  • Anger Awareness Program


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